Friday, 31 August 2012


I haven't blogged for ages and I am super sorry! For the first time ever I've actually been very busy (i also haven't had anything interesting to talk about really).

I got my A Level result's on the 16th, ABBB, which I am dead pleased about. It was one A below my offer for Edinburgh but they still let me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now officially a Psychology student at the University of Edinburgh. It's my dream university and I am so excited, I move up there next Saturday which is terrifying. However I have found a new hobby which is buying housey things for my room, it is Result's night was fab as well, I loathe clubs but everybody was out in Preston that I knew from both sixth form and secondary school and I was with my closest friends (I also snogged a boy that I got married to when I was four so everything came full circle) so it was a great night.

Leeds Festival was last weekend and it was my second time going. It was such a fun weekend and I saw so many bands and was once again with my closest friends. I'll make a longer post on that once my photos are developed. I can't really remember what my photos were of (definitely had far too much to drink all weekend) so am excited to see them.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Spending Money I Don't Have

It's A Level Result's Day tomorrow aka the most important day of my life so far so today I went to town to spend money that I really don't have to avoid thinking about it. This is also my only free day until Leeds Festival next week so I needed to pick up some necessities.
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 Burgundy jumper - Primark, Tropical Print Pencil Skirt - Primark, Navy Cable Knit Jumper - Primark, High-Waisted Knickers - New Look, Bra - New Look, Withnail & I + Fight Club + Reservoir Dogs + Dead Poets Society - That's Entertainment, Bronson - HMV, Dry Shampoo Cherry - Batiste

I finally got some of the New Look knickers I've been lusting after!!!! So pleased. As you can tell I also love Primark, aside from some of the foul stuff they have there are some really nice pieces, I'm in love with this skirt and it was only £5 in the sale. Bargin!! I should really just give That's Entertainment my wage because it's wear the majority of my money goes. They have the best offers (2 for £5 and 3 for £5 on DVDs and 6 for £5 on CDs) and always have films I've been desperate to see for ages. Dry shampoo is a festival necessity really isn't it?

Good Luck to anybody getting their A Level/AS Level result's tomorrow, I hope it's great news!!!


Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Carvoiero on the Algrave is literally one of the nicest places ever. It's so relaxed and all you do is drink and eat and swim and read and listen to music all day. Exactly what I want from a summer holiday just before A Level result's. We've been going since I was little and this was the first time in five years, it was nice to be back and especailly now i'm 18 (even though the portugese drinking age is 16 which i only found out this year HOW ANNOYING) so i could drink all of the g&ts and cocktails.


Dad, at 53 playing with water pistols is still the most fun thing ever

Everyone in the pool
Probably the nicest ice cream shop in the whole world ft. my sister
Grandma, Grandad and Dad
Mum (who will kill me if she finds out that this photo is on the internet)





Portimao's sardine festival is heaven

thug lyf

Much to my horror before we went my sister bought an obey cap, it did however provide hours of entertainment SWAG

Strawberry, the best ice cream flavour

Pretty Knickers from New Look

I love underwear! I love feeling great in underwear regardless of whether or not somebody is going to see it. Usually I'm iffy about New Look because some of the clothes are foul and they can take things to the extreme but the underwear is so nice. They have a gorgeous range of high-waisted vintage feel knickers, most are thanks to Kelly Brook's glorious lingerie collection for them. Being on the curvier side of life I love anything high waisted to accentuate my figure and big pants are my #1.
All New Look

I have yet to buy any but when I get my next wage packet I'll definitely be spending it on the first floral pair and the gorgeous bra that goes with them. I am so excited to find non-expensive bras on the high street that go above a DD+ (not including m&s obviously, the champion of lingerie) PRAISE BE TO YOU KELLY BROOK.

(also massive apologies for the lack of posting recently, for once i've been quite busy with work and my 18th and then I went straight on holiday, posts about that to follow shortly)


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Trouser Envy

Trousers and jeans are probably my #2 favourite item of clothing ever (#1 is obviously jumpers) and a good pair are the best thing in the world. Being 5 foot 3 finding a decent fitting pair is super difficult and petite sections in most of the high street shops don't stock my favourite regular length styles :( That is a total bummer.

Usually I can't wear trousers all summer long because it tends to be sunny (even in the grim north west) but this year I could and I'm so happy!!! I'm absolutely stoked for autumn because I can wear my favourites of the new season stuff. These are some of my faves (all are from Topshop because Topshop totally rocks for trousers and jeans).

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shower Me In Pretty Dresses

I love dresses!!!! My ten year old self would be weeping if she could see what she has become. I used to absolutely loathe dresses, skirts, anything remotely feminine but now I can't get enough. For summer my wardrobe is packed full of little sun dresses (I'm a big fan of Primark for that, the McCartney-esque citrus fruit dress from last summer is my favourite thing to wear, if a little tight round the bust) and in winter i like chunky knitted dresses or those same summer ones with thick wooly tights, a jumper and boots.

Primark Citrus
I adore this seasons tropical and scarf print ones, bright colours aren't necessarily something i normally wear but I fell in love with basically everything I saw this season. Oasis is absolutely fantastic for a bright, statement, smart dress and is where I bought my year 13 prom dress from.

Year 13 Prom Dress

I've had my eye on this dress from Oasis for months and missed out on it in the sale :( Reduced from £85 to £36 and only 16 & 18s left :( so sad

I've yet to even try on a Peplum dress, but I love the sillouette they give, and I spend a large amount of my time trying to make myself into Christina Hendricks, so I hope if I eventually buy one, that it'll help a great deal. My favourite is this one, but I desperately want a plain black or burgundy one (burgundy is the best colour, not even my high school uniform could deter me from it).
£48 - Topshop
Coco's Fortune, who are stocked at Topshop, make some of the prettiest dresses ever!! I'm obsessed with 1920s fashion (as with every other decent human being ever I am so stoked to see The Great Gatsby if only for the fashion, and Leo's beautiful face duh) and they make clothes with a 1920s glamour meets modern day twist. I've never bought anything but whenever I go to Topshop in Manchester I run upstairs and find my favourites to try on and feel pretty in.

Lace Trim Skater Dress - £45

Embroidered Mullet Hem Dress - £55 (I am prett convinced that this would be flattering on anyone, it's absolutely gorgeous)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Great British Bake Off Cinammon Monkey Bread

I've never made bread by hand before so I thought that it was about time I try. Baking is my #1 favourite past-time ever and i've been doing it ever since I was tiny (having a bakery is my second dream, 1st being a clinical psychologist) and now I have all of this free time I've been doing it a lot to pass the time and stop me being bored. The recipe said that it was easy for kids so I thought that it would be a pretty good way to start, if it's easy for children, it must be easy for me, right?

Thanks to our glorious KitchenAid everything went swimmingly and it is a pretty easy recipe. The only thing was I couldn't remember the size of the dough before i left it to rise so I may have left it a little too long. It's fun to make and I'm probably going to make the savoury version (red leicester and chilli) on Monday with my friend. It tastes sticky and gooey and sweet and cinammony (which is my favourite thing) and is a damn good bake!!!

Vain, baking break webcam photo, my Soap and Glory apron is my favourite thing in the world.
before baking

afterwards, unfortunately the sugar and cinammon burnt on top, but it didn't impair the flavour

cross section mmmmmm
It's been a resounding success from my parents too, which is always good!
What's the best thing you've baked recently?