Sunday, 1 January 2012

favourite albums/ of 2011

my song of the year is definitely azealia banks - 212


it's finally 2012. i thought i should start this by writing about 2011. i don't really want to think about some bits of the year, because it was really quite sad in parts but on the whole 2011 was pretty great. i think i'm only writing this because i'm feeling sad and lonely about spending new year's eve once again alone with my parents and there friends getting drunk and eating food and watching jools holland.
last year i made a couple of new year's resolutions, that i never keep, but last year i was determined to change and be more confident and get fitter. alas, that didn't happen. in the company of some, i became more and more shy and just stopped speaking. it did sort of work though, i think. towards the end of year 12 i made new friends, really good friends, friends that i have a lot of things in common with and that i really want to spend time with. and it was good seeing as i'd spent the majority of year 12 hating everything and really wanting to leave sixth form and go to st.mary's where my friends from secondary school were, the people that i considered to be my 'proper' friends. the get fitter part of my new year's resolution went down the drain on the second of january really. i just like food. i don't like exercise. it's as simple as that. i know i need to lose a bit of weight but i don't want to lose my figure or my boobs because they're my favourite thing about me physically.
all in all, 2011 was fantastic.

i went to new york with my family in february. it was the most amazing city on earth and i didn't want to leave. it was an amazing start to the year. i've grown a lot closer to my parents over 2011, i think it's because i know that this year, hopefully, i won't be at home as much, i'll be at university and i'll miss them a lot, i can't imagine not living with my parents.

i met johnny marr and the wu lyf gig in a tunnel which was incredible. THE ACTUAL JOHNNY MARR he was so lovely.

and then there was leeds festival. the highlight of my whole year. it was just incredible. i spent the best time with some great friends, my boys. saw some of my favourite bands ever, PULP!!! and just danced and sang and laughed and drank and smoked and cuddled for days. it was amazing. dog is dead, dananananaykroyd, fucked up, best coast, cage the elephant, enter shikari, friendly fires, death from above 1979, the streets, viva brother, pete doherty, pulled apart by horses, frankie and the heartstrings, miles kane, patrick wolf, metronomy, the vaccines, noah and the whale, white lies, my chemical romance, johnny flynn and the sussex wit, funeral party, yuck, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, madness, bombay bicycle club, the strokes, the king blues, pulp.

i've made lots of important decisions, by lots i mean university choices and what course i want to do, and ultimately what i want to do for the rest of my life. it's scary to be doing that at 16/17.
i think if anything 2012 will be an eventful, strange year. exams, turning eighteen and hopefully leaving home and my friends i've had for nearly 15 years and going to university, hopefully sheffield, and starting a fresh, terrifying.