Tuesday, 21 February 2012

certain songs are cursed

i listen to lots of songs and lots of songs remind me of lots of things, normally sad things because as a seveteen year old girl i get sad about lots of pathetic little things and like to attribute songs to said things. this is summed up best by concret2 by johnny foreigner, one of the best bands ever who asked fans to submit short clips of them talking about cursed songs.
12 concret2
sometimes i think that songs that remind me of boys are the best kind of songs because they remind me of being happy or being sad or of good times or bad times and of laughing and weeping and staying up late on the phone and texting lyrics to each other because you lived ages away and how first conversations are always ‘so what music do you like’ and countless arguments about which is a band’s best song and even though we didn’t like the same music some of it still reminds me of you. the fact that i still can't listen to gem of a bird by the view or modern art is for pricks by foals or daniel by bat for lashes without remembering the people that i've connected with those songs, three pretty important boys, suggests that these 'cursed' songs will probably haunt me forever. i wonder if when i'm my parents age, i'll one day listen to my record collection and these songs will play again, after years and all of these happy and sad memories will come flooding back. i hope that happens.

maximo park's cover of shiver makes me especially sad because i remember summer 2009 when i was in australia and i missed my boyfriend to much and i was sat outside in a campsite near ayers rock, which was a pretty incredible experience in itself, and i was just thinking (it sounds so lame) and i'd decided to stop being a bitch to him, we still broke up as soon as i got back, but this song still reminds me of sitting alone and thinking in the cold on the other side of the world to everyone i knew.
some songs are cursed in a good way though. they remind you of good times. i think that one of my favourite things in the whole entire world is when you go to see a band, be it at a festival or a normal gig, and the crowd sing along together and i always want to cry because of how beautiful it is and it makes me love the music that i love even more. i don’t want to sound music-snobby but i probably will do anyway, but i don’t think that you can get that in the same way with more ‘popular’ (ugh) music. there’s something about a huge room or field full of people all singing along and all completely happy that is just incredible. my fave examples are whenever arctic monkeys play mardy bum and when the sun goes down and at leeds when pulp played common people. it was amazing and i personally have never been so happy because you’re united with all these people over a shared love of incredible music. for musicians that must be too good to put into words i’m sure, i can’t think of anything better than having people sing back to me something that i wrote, all of these people connecting to it, all of these people that thought that it was just them that felt this way. it makes me want to be in a band just to experience it myself.

pulp - common people leeds festival 2011, 28th August (this video doesn't really put across what i mean because from where i was stood it was basically just the crowd with jarvis in the background but it does some up just like how happy everyone was at that moment).

arctic monkeys - when the sun goes down manchester m.e.n arena 2011 (1st video) and 2009 (2nd video). anyone who has seen arctic monkeys live will know just how incredible the first part of when the sun goes down is live, it is an amazing experience and makes you so happy. (also note alex saying 'i think that's the best we've had yet' on the first video, oh yes, love you alex) arctic monkeys are the best band in britain at the moment and i might be a little bit bias because i am in love with them but really they can do no wrong.