Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Trouser Envy

Trousers and jeans are probably my #2 favourite item of clothing ever (#1 is obviously jumpers) and a good pair are the best thing in the world. Being 5 foot 3 finding a decent fitting pair is super difficult and petite sections in most of the high street shops don't stock my favourite regular length styles :( That is a total bummer.

Usually I can't wear trousers all summer long because it tends to be sunny (even in the grim north west) but this year I could and I'm so happy!!! I'm absolutely stoked for autumn because I can wear my favourites of the new season stuff. These are some of my faves (all are from Topshop because Topshop totally rocks for trousers and jeans).

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shower Me In Pretty Dresses

I love dresses!!!! My ten year old self would be weeping if she could see what she has become. I used to absolutely loathe dresses, skirts, anything remotely feminine but now I can't get enough. For summer my wardrobe is packed full of little sun dresses (I'm a big fan of Primark for that, the McCartney-esque citrus fruit dress from last summer is my favourite thing to wear, if a little tight round the bust) and in winter i like chunky knitted dresses or those same summer ones with thick wooly tights, a jumper and boots.

Primark Citrus
I adore this seasons tropical and scarf print ones, bright colours aren't necessarily something i normally wear but I fell in love with basically everything I saw this season. Oasis is absolutely fantastic for a bright, statement, smart dress and is where I bought my year 13 prom dress from.

Year 13 Prom Dress

I've had my eye on this dress from Oasis for months and missed out on it in the sale :( Reduced from £85 to £36 and only 16 & 18s left :( so sad

I've yet to even try on a Peplum dress, but I love the sillouette they give, and I spend a large amount of my time trying to make myself into Christina Hendricks, so I hope if I eventually buy one, that it'll help a great deal. My favourite is this one, but I desperately want a plain black or burgundy one (burgundy is the best colour, not even my high school uniform could deter me from it).
£48 - Topshop
Coco's Fortune, who are stocked at Topshop, make some of the prettiest dresses ever!! I'm obsessed with 1920s fashion (as with every other decent human being ever I am so stoked to see The Great Gatsby if only for the fashion, and Leo's beautiful face duh) and they make clothes with a 1920s glamour meets modern day twist. I've never bought anything but whenever I go to Topshop in Manchester I run upstairs and find my favourites to try on and feel pretty in.

Lace Trim Skater Dress - £45

Embroidered Mullet Hem Dress - £55 (I am prett convinced that this would be flattering on anyone, it's absolutely gorgeous)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Great British Bake Off Cinammon Monkey Bread

I've never made bread by hand before so I thought that it was about time I try. Baking is my #1 favourite past-time ever and i've been doing it ever since I was tiny (having a bakery is my second dream, 1st being a clinical psychologist) and now I have all of this free time I've been doing it a lot to pass the time and stop me being bored. The recipe said that it was easy for kids so I thought that it would be a pretty good way to start, if it's easy for children, it must be easy for me, right?

Thanks to our glorious KitchenAid everything went swimmingly and it is a pretty easy recipe. The only thing was I couldn't remember the size of the dough before i left it to rise so I may have left it a little too long. It's fun to make and I'm probably going to make the savoury version (red leicester and chilli) on Monday with my friend. It tastes sticky and gooey and sweet and cinammony (which is my favourite thing) and is a damn good bake!!!

Vain, baking break webcam photo, my Soap and Glory apron is my favourite thing in the world.
before baking

afterwards, unfortunately the sugar and cinammon burnt on top, but it didn't impair the flavour

cross section mmmmmm
It's been a resounding success from my parents too, which is always good!
What's the best thing you've baked recently?

Friday, 13 July 2012

Thank-you Wage!!!!

Apparently I should buy some clothes for my summer holiday in two weeks time so I sort of have with my latest wage packet? I mean two pairs of sunglasses, they count right?

I've been absolutely dying for some Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats but can't afford the hefty price tag so these ebay replicas are a godsend and a total steal. I saw my friend wearing some similar aswell the other day and they look super cute on so i am so stoked for them to arrive.

I'm obsessed with jewellery with eyes on it ever since i saw Florence Welch's eye ring which I've since bought a similar one from topshop and the bracelet goes with it. I love how bright the blue is and it'll go nicely with lots of stuff and was a total steal!!!

Apparently at five pairs I own too many pairs of sunglasses but that is obvious bullshit. I've been desperate for some super pointy cat eye sunglasses and these are perfect so i had to go for both a black and leapord/tortoise shell pair. They should look great with a bright red lip and pencil skirt for summer/autumn hopefully if it's sunny like it was last year.

Stag jewellery is the cutest thing and I love pins for collars on shirts so the combination of the two is such a dream!!! I need to buy more shirts now because I only have my hideous white sixth form ones.

What are your fave recent purchases?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Is Jake Bugg Perfect?

The answer to the question is YES!

I've basically fallen in love with the 18 year old singer songwriter and all round lovely person (I am presuming he's lovely, of course he is look at him!!!)
still from the Trouble Town video

Obviously heavily influenced by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Oasis amongst others his music is folky indie guitary and dance alongy and especially his latest single 'Taste It' reminds me of Miles Kane. It's the sort of music you want to pretend you're Twiggy or Edie Sedgwick in the 1960s to and dance with lovely boys in sharp tailored suits.

His slower stuff like 'Someone Told Me' and 'Love Me the Way You Do' made me spend last night sitting, crying wondering why he isn't mine (we would be so great I'd look after him and we would have so much fun JUST LOVE ME PLEASE) whereas 'Taste It' and 'Lightening Bolt'are much faster dancier songs, still with fantastic lyrics.

He's probably one of the most exciting artists at the moment and I am so stoked to see him at Leeds Festival this August, even if I am slightly worried that I'll fall in love there and then and not be able to move or do anything ever again.

Saffron is currently available for free download from his website.

Taste It video

What do you think of him?

Monday, 9 July 2012

'Happy Birthday Daddy' Cake

daddy earnshaw
Today is my Dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! My Dad is probably the greatest ever and unfortunately his present is still en route from play.com so I made him a birthday cake, and it looks much better than my attempt last year (I am still yet to try a slice the most I've had is licking the bowl clean once the cakes were in the oven).

the nicest cake mix
 I used The Great British Bake Off's Victoria Sponge recipe and filled it with their butter icing which is probably the thickest sweetest creamiest most lovely icing in the world.
licking the bowl clean
the finished product, mmmmmmm
Daddy and I last Feb in New York

Sunday, 8 July 2012

End of Sixth Form

On the 25th of May I stood down from sixth form and now I'm waiting for exam results and then University. It's probably the most terrifying thing in the world. Growin up is not something i really want to do. I'm not looking forward to bills, bills, bills and responsibility. If i could be like Peter Pan (only with some benefits of being over 18 e.g drinking) then I definitely would.

Anyway, stand down was a glorious day. It was boiling and after an assembly at sixth form we all went down to Edisford River and some more than others (e.g me) got very drunk in celebration and got home at 7 after drinking since 1 and quickly fell asleep, definitely not a proud moment. How could i not though? Tesco had an offer on cans or pre-mixed gin and tonic and pimms and lemonade, four for £5!!!! Rad value.

I'll definitely miss sixth form, not so much the actual place but some of the teachers and definitely the people i've met this year especially. By the end of Year 12 i loathed the place but Year 13 was wonderful because of the rad friends i had. I already miss them all crazy amounts and want to hang out and do crosswords (grammar school fun).

Here are some photos of the day. I wore a topshop floral print tennis playsuit with white converse.

(Hannah, Myself and Brigid)


Now that my exams are over and I am on summer holidays I've decided to do something productive with all this time off and will actually start blogging again.
Generally about music, clothes, complaining about work and people i am daydreaming about.

So to introduce myself again, I'm Rachel, nearly 18 (twenty days) from the lovely Ribble Valley.