Sunday, 8 July 2012

End of Sixth Form

On the 25th of May I stood down from sixth form and now I'm waiting for exam results and then University. It's probably the most terrifying thing in the world. Growin up is not something i really want to do. I'm not looking forward to bills, bills, bills and responsibility. If i could be like Peter Pan (only with some benefits of being over 18 e.g drinking) then I definitely would.

Anyway, stand down was a glorious day. It was boiling and after an assembly at sixth form we all went down to Edisford River and some more than others (e.g me) got very drunk in celebration and got home at 7 after drinking since 1 and quickly fell asleep, definitely not a proud moment. How could i not though? Tesco had an offer on cans or pre-mixed gin and tonic and pimms and lemonade, four for £5!!!! Rad value.

I'll definitely miss sixth form, not so much the actual place but some of the teachers and definitely the people i've met this year especially. By the end of Year 12 i loathed the place but Year 13 was wonderful because of the rad friends i had. I already miss them all crazy amounts and want to hang out and do crosswords (grammar school fun).

Here are some photos of the day. I wore a topshop floral print tennis playsuit with white converse.

(Hannah, Myself and Brigid)

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