Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Great British Bake Off Cinammon Monkey Bread

I've never made bread by hand before so I thought that it was about time I try. Baking is my #1 favourite past-time ever and i've been doing it ever since I was tiny (having a bakery is my second dream, 1st being a clinical psychologist) and now I have all of this free time I've been doing it a lot to pass the time and stop me being bored. The recipe said that it was easy for kids so I thought that it would be a pretty good way to start, if it's easy for children, it must be easy for me, right?

Thanks to our glorious KitchenAid everything went swimmingly and it is a pretty easy recipe. The only thing was I couldn't remember the size of the dough before i left it to rise so I may have left it a little too long. It's fun to make and I'm probably going to make the savoury version (red leicester and chilli) on Monday with my friend. It tastes sticky and gooey and sweet and cinammony (which is my favourite thing) and is a damn good bake!!!

Vain, baking break webcam photo, my Soap and Glory apron is my favourite thing in the world.
before baking

afterwards, unfortunately the sugar and cinammon burnt on top, but it didn't impair the flavour

cross section mmmmmm
It's been a resounding success from my parents too, which is always good!
What's the best thing you've baked recently?

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