Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shower Me In Pretty Dresses

I love dresses!!!! My ten year old self would be weeping if she could see what she has become. I used to absolutely loathe dresses, skirts, anything remotely feminine but now I can't get enough. For summer my wardrobe is packed full of little sun dresses (I'm a big fan of Primark for that, the McCartney-esque citrus fruit dress from last summer is my favourite thing to wear, if a little tight round the bust) and in winter i like chunky knitted dresses or those same summer ones with thick wooly tights, a jumper and boots.

Primark Citrus
I adore this seasons tropical and scarf print ones, bright colours aren't necessarily something i normally wear but I fell in love with basically everything I saw this season. Oasis is absolutely fantastic for a bright, statement, smart dress and is where I bought my year 13 prom dress from.

Year 13 Prom Dress

I've had my eye on this dress from Oasis for months and missed out on it in the sale :( Reduced from £85 to £36 and only 16 & 18s left :( so sad

I've yet to even try on a Peplum dress, but I love the sillouette they give, and I spend a large amount of my time trying to make myself into Christina Hendricks, so I hope if I eventually buy one, that it'll help a great deal. My favourite is this one, but I desperately want a plain black or burgundy one (burgundy is the best colour, not even my high school uniform could deter me from it).
£48 - Topshop
Coco's Fortune, who are stocked at Topshop, make some of the prettiest dresses ever!! I'm obsessed with 1920s fashion (as with every other decent human being ever I am so stoked to see The Great Gatsby if only for the fashion, and Leo's beautiful face duh) and they make clothes with a 1920s glamour meets modern day twist. I've never bought anything but whenever I go to Topshop in Manchester I run upstairs and find my favourites to try on and feel pretty in.

Lace Trim Skater Dress - £45

Embroidered Mullet Hem Dress - £55 (I am prett convinced that this would be flattering on anyone, it's absolutely gorgeous)

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