Friday, 13 July 2012

Thank-you Wage!!!!

Apparently I should buy some clothes for my summer holiday in two weeks time so I sort of have with my latest wage packet? I mean two pairs of sunglasses, they count right?

I've been absolutely dying for some Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats but can't afford the hefty price tag so these ebay replicas are a godsend and a total steal. I saw my friend wearing some similar aswell the other day and they look super cute on so i am so stoked for them to arrive.

I'm obsessed with jewellery with eyes on it ever since i saw Florence Welch's eye ring which I've since bought a similar one from topshop and the bracelet goes with it. I love how bright the blue is and it'll go nicely with lots of stuff and was a total steal!!!

Apparently at five pairs I own too many pairs of sunglasses but that is obvious bullshit. I've been desperate for some super pointy cat eye sunglasses and these are perfect so i had to go for both a black and leapord/tortoise shell pair. They should look great with a bright red lip and pencil skirt for summer/autumn hopefully if it's sunny like it was last year.

Stag jewellery is the cutest thing and I love pins for collars on shirts so the combination of the two is such a dream!!! I need to buy more shirts now because I only have my hideous white sixth form ones.

What are your fave recent purchases?


  1. I recently bought the Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart Box set, which came with a heart necklace,a heart ring, and a hand mirror, and I have worn/used them basically non-stop. They're super cute. I've been meaning to buy some tights from modcloth as well but haven't gotten around to it.