Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Carvoiero on the Algrave is literally one of the nicest places ever. It's so relaxed and all you do is drink and eat and swim and read and listen to music all day. Exactly what I want from a summer holiday just before A Level result's. We've been going since I was little and this was the first time in five years, it was nice to be back and especailly now i'm 18 (even though the portugese drinking age is 16 which i only found out this year HOW ANNOYING) so i could drink all of the g&ts and cocktails.


Dad, at 53 playing with water pistols is still the most fun thing ever

Everyone in the pool
Probably the nicest ice cream shop in the whole world ft. my sister
Grandma, Grandad and Dad
Mum (who will kill me if she finds out that this photo is on the internet)





Portimao's sardine festival is heaven

thug lyf

Much to my horror before we went my sister bought an obey cap, it did however provide hours of entertainment SWAG

Strawberry, the best ice cream flavour

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