Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pretty Knickers from New Look

I love underwear! I love feeling great in underwear regardless of whether or not somebody is going to see it. Usually I'm iffy about New Look because some of the clothes are foul and they can take things to the extreme but the underwear is so nice. They have a gorgeous range of high-waisted vintage feel knickers, most are thanks to Kelly Brook's glorious lingerie collection for them. Being on the curvier side of life I love anything high waisted to accentuate my figure and big pants are my #1.
All New Look

I have yet to buy any but when I get my next wage packet I'll definitely be spending it on the first floral pair and the gorgeous bra that goes with them. I am so excited to find non-expensive bras on the high street that go above a DD+ (not including m&s obviously, the champion of lingerie) PRAISE BE TO YOU KELLY BROOK.

(also massive apologies for the lack of posting recently, for once i've been quite busy with work and my 18th and then I went straight on holiday, posts about that to follow shortly)


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