Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Spending Money I Don't Have

It's A Level Result's Day tomorrow aka the most important day of my life so far so today I went to town to spend money that I really don't have to avoid thinking about it. This is also my only free day until Leeds Festival next week so I needed to pick up some necessities.
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 Burgundy jumper - Primark, Tropical Print Pencil Skirt - Primark, Navy Cable Knit Jumper - Primark, High-Waisted Knickers - New Look, Bra - New Look, Withnail & I + Fight Club + Reservoir Dogs + Dead Poets Society - That's Entertainment, Bronson - HMV, Dry Shampoo Cherry - Batiste

I finally got some of the New Look knickers I've been lusting after!!!! So pleased. As you can tell I also love Primark, aside from some of the foul stuff they have there are some really nice pieces, I'm in love with this skirt and it was only £5 in the sale. Bargin!! I should really just give That's Entertainment my wage because it's wear the majority of my money goes. They have the best offers (2 for £5 and 3 for £5 on DVDs and 6 for £5 on CDs) and always have films I've been desperate to see for ages. Dry shampoo is a festival necessity really isn't it?

Good Luck to anybody getting their A Level/AS Level result's tomorrow, I hope it's great news!!!


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