Friday, 31 August 2012


I haven't blogged for ages and I am super sorry! For the first time ever I've actually been very busy (i also haven't had anything interesting to talk about really).

I got my A Level result's on the 16th, ABBB, which I am dead pleased about. It was one A below my offer for Edinburgh but they still let me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now officially a Psychology student at the University of Edinburgh. It's my dream university and I am so excited, I move up there next Saturday which is terrifying. However I have found a new hobby which is buying housey things for my room, it is Result's night was fab as well, I loathe clubs but everybody was out in Preston that I knew from both sixth form and secondary school and I was with my closest friends (I also snogged a boy that I got married to when I was four so everything came full circle) so it was a great night.

Leeds Festival was last weekend and it was my second time going. It was such a fun weekend and I saw so many bands and was once again with my closest friends. I'll make a longer post on that once my photos are developed. I can't really remember what my photos were of (definitely had far too much to drink all weekend) so am excited to see them.

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